Do You Have Mold In Your Crawl Space?

If you see mold growing in your crawlspace, then your crawlspace, then we highly recommend you contact us ASAP to get rid of it. Triangle Radiant Barrier is certified for mold inspection and remediation. Crawl space mold significantly degrades your home’s indoor air quality,   can compromise the structural integrity of your home, and put you and your family’s health at risk.

We offer spray and fogging chemical remediation methods, Soda Blasting, and Dry Ice Blasting as well as Sanitization of crawl space utility surfaces.

Chemical Remediation

Chemical remediation is the most affordable option and is effective at killing light to medium mold and its related visible accumulated growth and staining on the surfaces. However, it does entail the use of chemicals which may be of concern to some homeowners. While there is no specific requirement to vacate the home during this method of remediation, it does contain sodium chloride with an order similar to bleach which may be an annoyance to some home occupants if present during or within a couple hours of application.  Customer with sensitivities in this regard may want to have a ‘back-up plan’ to vacate the home during application, in case the smell is deemed as overly annoying.  Wood-cleaning spray is often not effective against heavy mold staining / visible accumulation, especially on porous surfaces such as OSB plywood which is often used as subflooring and pony wall sheathing. 

One of the best solutions to getting rid of the dangerous mold in your crawlspace is chemical-free Dry Ice Blasting, which blasts that harmful mold right out of your crawlspace.

Fogging Fungicide

Fogging fungicide inundates the entire crawl space to find and kill mold wherever it might be hiding. Does not, however, remove the mold’s visible accumulation or staining. Removal of visible accumulation requires either a  mold-cleaning spray for blasting.

Mold Cleaning Spray

This is purely aesthetic, as the mold has already been killed by the fungicide. But it allows us to remove light to medium visible accumulation and staining from the joist, truss, and subfloor surfaces.  Heavier staining may require blasting.

Soda Blasting Mold Remediation

 Soda Blasting itself does not kill mold, so we precede our Soda Blasting with fogging fungicide. Soda Blasting  is very effective at removing heavier visible accumulation and staining from wood surfaces than the mold cleaning spray. Soda Blasting does leave a fine white dust residue (baking soda) on surrounding surfaces which may require separate cleaning but it does act as a natural deodorizer. While a chemical is still used (fungicide), Soda Blasting negates the need for the chemical mold cleaning spray, so fewer chemicals are used during the mold remediation process.


Dry Ice Blasting

Blasting at -110 degrees Fahrenheit, Dry Ice Blasting instantly kills mold and mildew on contact while simultaneously cleaning surfaces. There is no residue; dry ice sublimates directly from a solid to a gas. Blasting is more effective at removing heavier accumulated growth and staining than is the mold cleaning spray.

Dry Ice Blasting is unique in that it is a  fully chemical-free mold remediation method. If anyone in your home has sensitivities to chemicals or if you just like the idea of no chemicals being used under your living space, Dry Ice Blasting is the way to go!

Crawl Space 'No Mold' Guarantee

After our crawl space mold remediation work is done, we highly recommend you have us seal / encapsulate your crawl space. Crawl space encapsulation with environment conditioning will moderate relative humidity such that mildew and mold will not be able to  grow.

We offer our ‘No Mold Guarantee’ which will guarantee against the regrowth of mildew or mold in your crawl space (terms and conditions apply). Contact us for details. 

Reason #1 To Seal Your Crawl Space: Protect Against Mold

Here in the RDU / Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary), our climate is very humid, which is one of the key ingredients for mold growth in a crawlspace. The other contributing factors include limited airflow, low light, moderate to hot air and high air relative humidity. The only way to avoid getting mold and mildew in your crawl space is to  properly seal it / encapsulate it and add environmental conditioning, which includes air induction and/or dehumidification.


Reason #2 To Seal Your Crawl Space: To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Current science shows that around 40% of the air we breath in our homes originate in our crawl space. If your crawl space has mold and mildew in it, there is a very good chance you are breathing in mold spores everyday.

In fact, an average vented crawlspace has such poor-quality air that finding mildew, mold, rust, wood rot, deteriorated fiberglass insulation, pest urine/feces/corpses, dust, pathogens, and decaying organic matter in the crawlspace soil is, unfortunately, quite common. 

This poor-quality air moves up into your home via the stack effect (natural movement of air upwards through a home) and can saturate your crawlspace-installed HVAC ducts and components.

The only way to keep the mold that forms down in your crawl space from getting into your home is to seal the crawlspace completely. The benefit of a sealed crawlspace is that it moderates relative humidity which inhibits mildew, mold, wood rot and rust. 

When sealing a crawlspace, the fiberglass insulation that is often found there is removed and no longer present to be an air quality deterrent. A sealed crawlspace also blocks ingress points that pests like insects, rodents and snakes use to get in and out of your Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary residence. 

Furthermore, a high-quality vapor barrier will also guard against nasty vapors that can come up through the ground. We can further alleviate bad odors by applying a natural deodorization spray comprised of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes that are specially designed to consume (not just cover) any decaying organic matter that may be present under your vapor barrier.

Here’s a Before and After picture of a crawl space we sealed in Raleigh, NC:

RDU / Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary) Crawl Space Mold Remedition and Encapsulation Reviews

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We had our crawl space semi-sealed, the vents sealed and a dehumidifier installed. I am very impressed with Matt and his no pressure sales style. He gave us options of what he could do and gave us a suggestion as to what he thought was the right thing for us to do. It was not the most expensive like most others but right for our needs. He and his crew were great. On time, organized, neat, friendly, answered all my questions and did I mention NEAT? Great job and a fair price. Also, Matt follows up after the job is done. Thanks Matt.
crawl space mold remediation
Ron T.
Raleigh, NC
I am chair of the board of a small townhouse community in Chapel Hill. One of our buildings of has had crawlspace problems with moisture and falling insulation for years. We had periodically replaced the insulation which inevitably failed and the problem gradually worsened. When I first met with Brock Emmons my relief was palatable. He gave me a clear, concise, rational description of our problems - and he had solutions. Briefly Triangle Radiant Barrier did mold remediation, fully encapsulated the crawlspaces, and installed monitored dehumidifiers. Their team was prompt, efficient, courteous, and competent. Their work is protecting our home environment and investment. I highly recommend them.
crawl space mold remediation
Doris C.
Chapel Hill, NC
I had Triangle Radiant Barrier improve my crawlspace. They did an excellent job. The crews were very professional and diligent in performing their work tasks. The owner was very easy to work with and was very accommodating to schedule the work around my time frames. The Customer Service of this company is exceptional.
crawl space mold remediation
Kiley M.
Coats, NC
Like others leaving reviews here, I spoke with other companies about helping me fix my crawl space. The home was new to us, but 25 years' old, and over the years a lot of insulation went missing, some mold appeared around some of the duct penetrations up into the first floor and in an area known to leak previously from gutter issues, had an exposed area of crawl floor with no vapor barrier needing attention, and wanted some crawl door "hatches" installed to assist with eliminating significant air leakage. They addressed all this work and added two air supply vents from existing duct to help feed air into the area and keep things dry. Matt did suggest using (and I bought it from him) a remote device for measuring the humidity level in my crawl, so now I can see how things are doing from family room (or anywhere) whenever I want. Nice. Everything from Matt's initial visit to estimating the work right on through to the final inspection was top-notch and professional. Matt provided pricing options for everything he saw, but then counseled me on what he thought would provide the best value for the money in terms of action items to do. I liked that a lot. Let me have some say in what I want to accomplish with the understanding of what it will cost so I can work my budget accordingly. The work was performed extremely well; they showed up as scheduled, the work was performed with great quality and attention; they cleaned up; and overall Matt and his guys were just nice and polite. I could not have hoped for a better experience and outcome. I intend to use TRB again in the near future to address issues in my attic this time. Matt has already priced out all the work, presented all the options, and suggested what might make the most sense to do (or at least start with). If you work with TRB, you will not be disappointed. This is a top-notch company.
crawl space mold remediation
Tim P.
Newland, NC
I highly recommend Triangle Radiant Barrier. They were excellent to work with on my crawl space improvement project - extremely knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and high quality work. We are very satisfied with the outcome.
crawl space mold remediation
Robert B.
Durham, NC
Triangle Radiant Barrier provided services for both a sealed crawl space and a sealed attic space. The work done was exceptional. The customer service and the commitment to customer satisfaction were evident in all aspects of the job. I would recommend this company to anyone.
crawl space mold remediation
Leslie S.
Garner, NC