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Our expert team ensures your home stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing your HVAC workload and utility costs by up to 60%. With our maintenance-free, permanent insulation solutions and transferable lifetime warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind and long-term efficiency.

Unlock Year-Round Comfort and Savings with Radiant Barrier Roof Installation

Radiant Barrier will provide 20-50% savings on your heating and cooling costs! It has one of the fastest returns on investment of any home improvement product. It is maintenance-free, permanent insulation that comes with a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Radiant Barriers will provide 20-50% savings on your heating and cooling costs!

Radiant Barrier Attic Rafters

Radiant Barrier reflects 95% of radiant heat. By having Radiant Barrier installed onto the underside of your attic rafters and onto the studs of your exterior-facing attic vertical walls, summer temperatures in your attic will decrease by up to 50° F.


A significantly cooler attic means less heat migration into the living space below which reduces the workload on your HVAC system and your corresponding utility costs. It also alleviates the super-heated thermal envelope surrounding your attic-installed HVAC components which will help them to operate more efficiently and will extend the service life of your HVAC system.

Radiant Barrier on your attic rafters will significantly reduce your home cooling costs.

Attic Radiant Barrier On Floor

Radiant Barrier reflects 95% of radiant heat. By having Radiant Barrier installed onto your attic floor and your interior-facing attic vertical walls, you will significantly reduce the amount of radiant heat migrating into your living space during summer as well as help to trap heated air in your living space during winter.


This reduces the workload of your HVAC system, creates a more comfortable living space, and can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20-50%, particularly when combined with attic floor air-sealing.

Radiant Barriers will provide 20-50% savings on your heating and cooling costs!

Installing the Radiant Barrier “Combo” will give you the benefits of both standard installation methods.

A Radiant Barrier “Combo” installs Radiant Barrier on the attic rafters, attic floor (over your existing insulation and/or attic floor plywood decking), exterior-facing vertical walls, and interior-facing vertical walls. This combines both of the standard installation methods and the benefits that each of those methods offer:

Frequently Asked Questions On Radiant Barrier in Raleigh, NC

What is the R-value of Radiant Barrier?

Radiant Barriers do not have an R-Value. Instead, Radiant Barrier performance is measured by emissivity (same measure as used for Low-E windows) and reflectivity.


Emissivity is the ratio at which a material converts radiant energy to radiant heat. The lower the emissivity, the better it serves as an insulation. TRB’s Radiant Barrier material has an emissivity of 0.05 which means it only allows 5% of radiant energy to convert into radiant heat.


The reflectivity of a Radiant Barrier is a measure of how much the material will reflect radiant energy and heat. TRB’s Radiant Barrier provides 95% reflectivity. In summer, it will block 95% of your attic’s radiant energy and heat from impacting your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Can Radiant Barrier cause moisture / condensation issues in attics?

Radiant Barrier can cause moisture issues if not installed properly or the wrong material is used. When installing a Radiant Barrier in the attic, a "perforated" product that meets or exceeds ASTM standards should be used.

In a humid climate, it is imperative that the attic floor utility penetrations be properly air sealed with foam spray or similar material. This will not only greatly increase the energy efficiency of the home, but will prevent cold, conditioned air from the living space to mingle with hot, humid air in the attic.

Installing a non-perforated Radiant Barrier may lead to moisture or condensation issues.

Moisture and condensation will not be concerns, however, with properly installed and perforated Radiant Barrier combined with effective air sealing.


What amount of energy savings would Radiant Barrier provide?

There are several contributing factors to determine a savings percentage: age / condition of your HVAC system, proper attic ventilation, seals around your doors and windows etc. If those are adequate or better, the energy savings resulting from a Radiant Barrier insulation is typically 25%-45% on heating and cooling costs.

Is Radiant Barrier or fiberglass better for summer heat?

Radiant Barrier is much more effective against summer heat than fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass works like sponge, absorbing and trying to hold on to heat. But, like a sponge, it can become saturated…in this case, with heat. Once it is saturated, the remaining heat will pass through as if it wasn’t there.

Radiant Barrier does not absorb but reflects heat and is also a barrier that does not allow radiant energy to convert into additional radiant heat. TRB’s Radiant Barrier blocks 95% of radiant heat, the primary heat in your attic in summer, from impacting your living space which will provide for optimal increases in home comfort and energy efficiency.




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