Mold in your crawlspace can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your home, degrade your home’s indoor air quality, and present health risks to you and your family. We offer solutions, including chemical-free Dry Ice Blasting, to rid your crawlspace of harmful mold.

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Dry Ice Blasting

The chemical-free, abrasion-free & residue-free way to destroy mold

For crawl spaces that need remediation of mildew and mold, we offer Dry Ice Blasting. This is a chemical-free, abrasion-free, residue-free means to fully remediate mildew and mold.

This process blasts dry ice pellets at -115°F which freezes and kills mildew and mold spores on contact while the pressure simultaneously cleans the wood or other surface being remediated. We depressurize the crawlspace with a HEPA filter air scrubber and place positive pressure fans at the foundation vents to force the remediated air out of the crawlspace. If a ground vapor barrier is in place, we will then roll-up, remove, and haul away the vapor barrier.

This creates a clean space in which to initiate crawlspace improvement. It is important that, once remediation is complete, that the crawlspace be improved sufficiently so as to preclude the conditions which may otherwise allow the return of mildew and mold.

Here’s a short video that shows how we use dry ice to blast away mold and mildew in your crawl space.

Mold Remediation Project Photos

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