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Harnessing solar power, our attic fans actively circulate air, displacing hot air with cooler outdoor air, resulting in a notably cooler attic and reduced HVAC workload. Operating solely on solar power, our Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are not only cost-effective but also of superior quality, backed by extensive warranties and whisper-quiet operation.

Elevate Energy Efficiency: Solar Attic Fan Installation

The federal government is currently giving a 30% federal tax credit for installed solar attic fans.  That makes for a very good deal on a high quality product that will pay for itself in energy savings in an average of just two years:

Current Solar Attic Fan special pricing with a 30% Federal tax Credit

With a currently-available 30% federal tax credit, solar attic fans often pay for themselves in energy savings in two years or less. Especially effective on hip roofs with limited or no ridge vent. Our Natural Light fans have brushless motors for whisper quiet operation and come with a limited lifetime warranty on all components and a 5-year no leak installation warranty. Auto on/off based on temperature. Up to 65 watts and 2,105 cubic feet per minute.

Solar Attic Fans Reduce Your Utility Bills

On a 90°F summer day, your attic can reach temperatures up to 140°F even with effective passive attic ventilation (air intakes at the soffit vents and outtakes at the ridge vent or static vents). Solar attic fans create active airflow, pulling air in through the soffits and out through the solar fan as well as the other outtake vents (ridge vent or static vents). This active airflow brings 90°F outdoor air into the attic to displace the 140°F degree air. The result will be a notably cooler attic!

A cooler attic in summer reduces demand on your HVAC system and saves you money on your utility bills. It also helps to extend the life of your HVAC system and allows for more temperature-sensitive storage in your attic.

Solar Power Attic Fan For Energy Savings

Powered by the sun, our solar attic fans usually cost nothing to operate. This saves on your utility costs when compared to electric attic fans.

We Install High-Quality Natural Light Solar Attic Fans

Natural Light Solar Attic Fans offer outstanding performance and come with a manufacture’s limited lifetime warranty on installation, and guaranteed not to leak! Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are whisper-quiet during operations due to its brushless motor, something not offered on competing brand fans. The housing is powder coated steel; more durable than aluminum or ABS plastic common to other fans.

Always Include Attic Floor Air-Sealing As Part of Your Solar Attic Fan Installation

Solar Attic Fans create a vacuum air deficiency in the attic, which forces airflow. The air brought in to make up the deficiency will come from the path of least resistance. If the penetrations in your attic floor / living space ceiling (e.g. at recessed can lights, ceiling fans, ceiling lights, exhaust fans, utility penetrations) are not sealed well, then the path of least resistance can be the conditioned air in your living space. For this reason, it is important to include our attic floor air-sealing service to your solar attic fan installation.

An attic fan is a ventilation device installed in your attic to help expel hot air, thereby reducing the temperature inside the attic and improving overall home ventilation. It works by drawing in cooler air from outside and pushing out the hot, stale air.

Installing an attic fan can provide several benefits, including reducing cooling costs, extending the life of your roof, preventing moisture buildup, and improving indoor air quality.

You might need an attic fan if your attic is excessively hot, your cooling bills are high, or if you notice signs of moisture or mold. An attic fan can help maintain a more consistent and comfortable indoor temperature.

Yes, by removing hot air from your attic, an attic fan can reduce the load on your air conditioning system, leading to lower energy bills during the warmer months.

There are two main types of attic fans: electric and solar-powered. Electric attic fans are connected to your home’s electrical system, while solar-powered fans use energy from the sun, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Attic fan installation typically involves mounting the fan in a gable, roof, or soffit and connecting it to a power source. It’s recommended to have a professional handle the installation to ensure proper setup and safety.

The installation process usually takes a few hours, depending on the complexity of the installation and the type of fan being installed.

Modern attic fans are designed to operate quietly. However, the level of noise can vary depending on the model and installation quality. Professional installation can help minimize noise.

Attic fans require minimal maintenance. It’s a good idea to periodically check the fan for dust buildup, ensure the motor is functioning properly, and inspect the wiring for any signs of wear.

Attic fans can be installed in most types of roofs. However, the specific installation method may vary based on your roof’s design and materials. A professional installer can determine the best approach for your home.


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