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Solar Attic Fan Installation in Raleigh,
NC. Cut Costs with Tax Credits.

Harnessing solar power, our attic fans actively circulate air, displacing hot air with cooler outdoor air, resulting in a notably cooler attic and reduced HVAC workload. Operating solely on solar power, our Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are not only cost-effective but also of superior quality, backed by extensive warranties and whisper-quiet operation.

Elevate Energy Efficiency: Solar Attic Fan Installation

Current Solar Attic Fan special pricing with a 30% Federal tax Credit

With a currently-available 30% federal tax credit, solar attic fans often pay for themselves in energy savings in two years or less. Especially effective on hip roofs with limited or no ridge vent. Our Natural Light fans have brushless motors for whisper quiet operation and come with a limited lifetime warranty on all components and a 5-year no leak installation warranty. Auto on/off based on temperature. Up to 65 watts and 2,105 cubic feet per minute.


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